We Uphold the Highest Standards to Provide Compassionate, Dedicated Home Care

EnCare Home Care offers the best, most effective and compassionate home care services around. You can place your trust in us to provide Registered Nurses, therapists and caregivers at no expense to you or your family.

We work tirelessly to find the right programs to fund your recovery. We work with your doctors, lawyers, insurance providers and the State of New York so that your only focus is your health. We bill your insurance provider or the State of New York directly so that you will never see a single bill.

We are capable of handling any type of home care service while upholding the high standards our patients deserve. Our services are available 24/7, 7 days a week. We can implement a plan of care, short-term or long-term, to ensure our patients receive exactly the home care they require. We offer:

  • Visiting Nurse
  • Home Health Aide
  • Wound Care
  • Care for Spinal Injuries
  • Physical Therapy
  • Hospice Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Social Work
  • Transitional
  • Transportation
  • Durable Medical Equipment

*The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a New York State program that provides an alternative way of receiving home care services, where the consumer has more control over who provides their care and how it is provided.

Health aide’s duties, responsibilities:

Home health aides are considered health care paraprofessionals and must meet state-set training requirements. (Other types of home health workers are sometimes lumped together under the title of home health aides.

They might live with the care recipient or work regular shifts. Along with doing routine chores the care recipient can no longer manage, such as laundry, cooking and shopping, the aides must be able to:

  • Assist with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, moving from one place to another, toileting, and cleaning up afterward.
  • Check vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration, and pulse.
  • Monitor a client’s physical and mental condition; level of exercise; and how much they are eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom.
  • Handle emergencies such as an accident, heart attack, or stroke.

Home health aides do not provide services such as physical and occupational therapy or skilled nursing care. But they often are tasked with observing the care recipient’s physical and mental health and reporting on conditions to a registered nurse or other health care professional.

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EnCare Home Care proud participant and leader of the FREEDOM CARE ACT PROGRAM. This means you, the patient, have the right to choose your own caregiver. A caregiver can be a relative, a friend, or an associate. For more intimation, please contact us.


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  • I was a victim of a hit and run and suffered multiple trauma. It could not have come at a worst time. My husband had to work and my kids, who are in college, could not leave school to help out. But thanks to EnCare and their amazing staff, My husband did not have to miss work, which would have caused us financial hardship, and I recovered wonderfully under the care of my of nurses and aides.

    – JoEllen P., Howard Beach, NY

  • My wife and I were shopping when a car jumped the curb and hit us both. Luckily my wife just got away with some minor scratches and bruises, but unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky. I woke up with two broken arms and a broken ankle which made me non-weight bearing . I was in the hospital for two weeks and expressed that I would rather be home. I was given an agency other than Encare at the time and basically I was very unsatisfied with not only their services, but also the lack of other services I would have benefited from. I then called the hospital and asked about changing to another agency that would be able to accommodate me. That’s when I was referred to EnCare Home Care. It was the best phone call I ever made. The staff was friendly, caring and thorough. Not to mention, they provided every service I needed in my recuperation. I would recommend this agency to everyone. Thank you so very much for all you’ve done for me, EnCare. I really appreciate how you jumped right in and took over so quickly and easily.

    -Matthew K., NY, NY

  • My son was riding his bike on his way to school when he was struck by a truck. My poor baby suffered two broken legs. After his hospital stay, I then had to come to terms that he wouldn’t be able to attend school for some time and would have to be home. My problem was that I’m a single mom that works up to 50 hours a week. I was so worried that not only would I lose my job, but that I wouldn’t be able to care for my son properly. But thankfully, my son’s social worker at the hospital referred Encare for home care services. She then further explained to me that I would not incur any cost for these services. Not only did they help take care of my son, but they also assisted him with transportation to and from his orthopedic appointments. What helped a lot was that they provided in home physical therapy and sent a nurse for his wounds/pin care. I don’t know what I would have done without them. As a mother, I would like to personally thank Encare for providing these valuable services to the community.

    – Patricia W., Brooklyn, NY

  • “I was the victim of a violent crime. I would like to give thanks to EnCare for placing me in their long term care program. They have made it possible for me to remain in my home with dignity and pride.”

    – Shen W., NY, NY

  • “After my scaffolding accident, I was scheduled to be placed in a rehab nursing facility. Thanks to EnCare, I was able to obtain the therapies in the comfort of my home with my wife and children by my side. Much appreciated EnCare.”

    – Stanley T., Rosedale, NY

  • “I would like to thank EnCare for taking care of me after my car accident. The nurses were terrific and my aide was outstanding. I will never forget any of your staff. Being a widower, I was worried that I may be put in a nursing home for my recovery. But thanks to your company I was able to recover in my own home. Many thanks!”

    – Xavier L., Staten Island NY

  • “Muchas gracias por cuidar de mi cuando me rompi la pierna en el accidente. Maria mi ayudante era una persona maravillosa y agradable. Ella ayudo a cuidar de mi y mi familia y hasta me acompano a las citas con el medico. Gracias EnCare por sus servicios.”

    – Luz H., Brooklyn NY